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teach. refine. unite. thrive. heal.

Supporting young adults and their families through education, mentoring, life skills training, and political activism.


We are a community-based organization that provides social, economic, and health & wellness resources for disenfranchised and underrepresented young adults. 


Subscribe to our Pillars of t.r.u.t.h. resource and information blog. We are supporting and empowering our young adults to live a more well informed, financially responsible, healthy lifestyle!


t.r.u.t.h. promotes awareness and understanding of the political process and what it means to be fully informed of your human rights and how to exercise your right to vote. Because our votes matter! 

Vote For Our Future

Support our organization and encourage voting by purchasing one of our "Vote for Our Future" or "Black Votes Matter" T-shirts or mask.

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The social justice issues of today are widespread from topics on education to criminal justice reform to employment opportunities. We provide resources and education to discuss how these issues impact our daily lives and our communities with the goal of activating our learning to refine, unite, thrive, and heal.


United States Senate Election in Wisconsin 2022 is coming soon!

Voters in Wisconsin will elect one member to the U.S. Senate in the general election on November 8, 2022. The primary is scheduled for August 9, 2022. The filing deadline is June 1, 2022.

The election will fill the class III Senate seat held by Ron Johnson (R), who first took office in 2011.

Lets talk about why this is an important vote for us!